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November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Two

Dinner was delicious.  I haven't had seconds yet and may not, I'm not super hungry today.  I got to talk to my cutie pie nieces and understood almost all of what both of them said so WINNING there.  I'm watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving after seeing how may fantasy team is doing.  I was worried cause my opponents players for the day severely overperformed.  Thankfully the only player I had playing today did as well, almost doubled his expected points.  So yea winning there too.  I managed to get a co-wash in and was only a little off my normal be done by schedule.  Granted it may not have been the best idea to wash two days before a relaxer but my hair was looking a hot mess and I didn't want to put heat on it since I haven't in the last six weeks at least.  I'm pretty sure I did it the last time I went in for a relaxer as well and short of super curly hair to work through to base it was okay.  Either way one more day of work, extra payday tomorrow and fresh relaxer on Saturday.  Even more winning.  Plus hair loss was minimal today thanks to that lovely three comb detangling method.

Nothing else to tell you about the day but there is one more post in me because of things I just found out and it deserves it's own post.

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