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November 28, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is for advertisers and stores and Charlie Brown.  I really do still like to keep my holidays separate but I did enjoy the Prep and Landing short in the middle of the Charlie Brown episodes.  I did not win the ridiculously large powerball so I guess it's back to work and the ever present hustle.  I did get an interview in with a local agency that seems interested in my credentials.  A few opportunities there but they are gonna double check what makes sense for both of us.  I may not get offered a thing but at least it's an interview.  Tomorrow I need to work on stuff for my class and an application that is pending.  I really just need to write a teaching philosophy statement but that just seems unnecessarily crazy since you'd have to interview me and talk about those things with me.  I'm recovering from another round of the weather going crazy and hope it doesn't crush me again in the morning.  I hate being this kind of sick, just makes me achy and cranky.  And I eat too much lol.  And for those who like myself were hoping Lauren over at Filing Jointly finally would get her Christmas wish and her post would get the requisite likes to get her husband in a Santa suit on a jaunt around Chicago.  Turns out 1500 likes and the earnest please of people like myself got him to agree to do it well before the deadline.  So we'll have Mr. and Mrs Claus along with two friendly elves to giggle at sometime next month.  Oh well enough of my moaning.  Nothing else to tell ya.  How is everyone doing?

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