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November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Phase Three--Black Friday Shopping from the Sofa


For those of you that are like myself and truly hate going out to shop or the things you want are no where near you I have a treat for you.  Both of the sites, that I adore, that I am an affiliate for are having sales tomorrow and both of them are for the ENTIRE site.  For the Shabby Apple lovers just click the link below to go the sale/site and remember to type in JOYFULSEASON at checkout to get your discount.  The sale WILL NOT start until tomorrow so don't get angry by clicking all early and getting frustrated because the code doesn't work yet.  The sale won't end until November 30th so if you need to wait till payday go ahead but don't forget.  I'll try to remind you again before it ends.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

And in hot off the presses news Cupcake Provocateur has also joined in the Black Friday fray.  Not only are they doing 30 percent off the ENTIRE site they are tossing in free shipping as well for US & International orders.  Use code THANK30 to get your discount and free shipping.  This sale also WILL NOT start until tomorrow so do not head over the minute you see this to get yourself some goodies.  Yes I know I just bought something for myself but I may have to indulge in both of these sales, within reason, as part of my not being cheap with myself mindset besides you can't beat the discounts AND free shipping.  
Okay that's enough out of me.  Get ready to get your desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones ready to do some retail therapy in your pajamas.  I'll be doing so after I get out of bed in the morning and/or after I get in from a day of work.  Either way I'll be clicking away.


  1. Never heard of these two sites. checking both out now!

    1. I love both of them. Very much in my lane of vintage and I adore the options both provide and the cupcakes are delicious.