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November 23, 2012

Who Gets Sick on Black Friday?

I do I do I do.  Felt like I was being smothered when I woke up and I did a bit of nothing when I woke up before I gave in and took some cold medicine.  Which knocked me out and means I was really sick because cold medicine usually does nothing but clear me up for a while.  I woke up four hours later and scrolled back to the post right below this one.  I picked up the Truman dress and a pretty necklace at Shabby Apple.  Then I went back to Cupcake Provocateur and got another Harlow apron in a pattern I love oh and some more cupcakes.  I did the math and based on my previous order, current order and just placed order I'll have a nice round number to return at some point in the future if I ever return them.  Remember the jars were freaking adorable so I may just turn them into something else.  I need to grab something else to eat so I can take my meds for the night.  Tomorrow is creamy crack day lol.  I'll try to post a photo when I get done.  It will be a few week shy of my birthday but that means by birthday the volume will be back.  I may take some photos to commemorate my 37th year on this earth and I can send some photos to my nieces.  Plus it may help me really kick start the healthy physical side of things in the new year.  Ok, all done updating the world now.  Have a great day ladies and whatever gent stops by.

Oh and I deleted the link to makin' cute blogs.  The page hasn't been updated in a while--which doesn't really bother me--but the tutorials don't work and neither do most of the other pages.  Just gives a 404 error.  So sorry if I referred you there recently and if it ever gets up and running again I'll let ya know.


  1. I'm sorry you were sick today! That was God's way of saying "Take a break". Feel better soon!

    1. I can mostly breathe now and I definitely took it easy. A little tucked in retail therapy made me feel better too. Thanks for the good wishes.