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November 21, 2012

3D Crest White Update

I'm in the middle of cupcake baking in preparation for tomorrow but while round two is baking I went ahead and took pictures of the results of the 3D Crest Whitening Strips.  Looking at the photos I can see a slight difference but they look whiter in person (at least to me).  They aren't WHITE but it's only been 20 days and I haven't had a whitening in forever because they are so darn expensive.  However, from the tinge of yellow when they started to the last treatment yesterday my teeth are on the path to white.  Because of that I'll probably revisit them again in a month or two to make sure I start the month off with them and go for the full 20 days without getting distracted because I forgot what day I'm on.  No more stalling, here's the photo of my teeth and extra full lips.  I also noticed I was giving you less gums in each shot lol.  Mom would be proud she hates the gum shots lol.  There will be another post tonight maybe after I'm done baking.  I've got 42 Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes cooling and a pecan pie in the oven to destroy the whitening power of the strips.

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