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November 29, 2012

Random Hair News

Okay so I was recovered enough to get back to work today.  Work was good, devised a new system for when I need to take a wee break in the day and I'm on this side of town--quick trip to the library.  Let me write my notes in peace, pick up a cd I had on hold, and scour for a few books.  Side note I know that people love their ereaders and digital books but I really don't.  I'll be really depressed if and when there are no more paper books.  I love the pages and the smell and book shelves damn it.  Okay back on track.

It was windy today but not so windy that it was annoying like a few days ago.  My hair was blowing around and being a tiny bit of a pain for a few seconds until it settled.  And when it settled I discovered something.  My hair is just long enough to not annoy the crap out of me like it did last relaxer.  I think the point on my neck that it was hitting in August is just a sensitive area and doesn't like anything there.  When I had weave that length it was annoying to me then as well.  Today not so much, it felt nice brushing against my neck and top of my shoulders.  I will be getting it up and off my collar soon as the weather keeps changing and the collars keep getting higher.  I've been better at moisturizing and sealing before bed as well so that's another plus--especially as it is wrapping so much easier now as well.  And while I was in the library I saw a strand of my hair on my sweater.  It was perfectly even in gray/black combination.  So clearly it was broken off of another strand cause the strand wasn't that long.  I saved it cause it made me smile for some reason.

Ahh well that's all I got for today.

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