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November 29, 2012

Cute Kid Video-Dino Lingo

For the parents out there if you are looking for a new video or learning tool for your cutie pies you should check out Dino Lingo.  It's apparently in SEVERAL different languages but my French is rusty so I only watched it in English.  It's kind of in the vein of Dora the Explorer in that the friendly creatures (dinosaurs) go on random adventures together to explore the world.  Except I really hated Dora after a while and these characters seem much more friendly.  There was a little gap between the initial conversation the dinosaurs had but they were very friendly and had a good time as they explored together.  The language is appropriate for youngsters and easy for them to follow along to while they watch.  My initial thought was it may be more boy appropriate but for lack of a better phrase they are pretty cute dinosaurs that girls will like as well.  Check it out below.

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