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November 20, 2012

10 year old boxes and Voice Results show plus....

Okay this will be super random and nothing at all to do with my hair (except I found a huge knot that somehow escaped detangling and I had to keep toying with it until I got it out because my brain was hurting at the thought of having to show that to my hair dresser and get it cut out--lots of innocent hair would have been lost.  Oh and I'm going in for my creamy crack dosage on Saturday cause my new growth feels like it's gonna leave my scalp and go handle it for me.) for the most part.  Mom has already started putting up the Christmas tree which is in violation of my strict one holiday at a time thing plus I'm a December baby and feel it's semi blasphemous to put up the tree before my birthday even though I realize my birthday is December 16th and it's unrealistic to put it up a week before--it's still my preference.  In her closet clearing endeavor she found a crate I put away a long time ago and really don't ever touch.  I forgot what was in it until today.  Turns out it was lots of my dad's old service awards and plaques.  There was pictures and mementos from when he was in Korea and at the Olympics.  After I finished being sappy I called my brother to ask how many he wanted or if he had a preference for anything in particular.  He didn't so I did a very random selection and boxed up things to send him tomorrow.  Dad has been gone since 2001 but there are some years when we are sappier than others and this is one of them.  On the upside we've both rediscovered things that have made us smile so that has been pretty cool.

Oh and today I got to order my refresh of Gingerbread Oreos--they were quite kickass.  And I ordered my cupcakes and new Harlow apron from Cupcake Provocateur.  Cynthia has been a total sweetheart as she recovers from Hurricane Sandy and I seriously cannot wait to get my next cupcake batch and the totally adorable Harlow Parisian Tapestry apron.  Today was a good not related to work day now that I think about it.  I picked up another class starting a little later in December and running after the stats class ends.  I'm being take care of by whatever higher power deems me an interesting enough subject to mentor over and I am just going to have to keep going with that.

So far on the Voice the following have been saved


Still waiting to hear about the others even though I'm hoping a few go home--clearly as my Team No Vote from last night.

Terry is moving on so Blake's team has made it through.  Trevin, Amanda, Bryan and Sylvia are in peril.  I voted for two of them and not two others so we'll see.

Tonight is the last night of the Crest 3D White regimen too.  I'll try to take a picture tonight or I may wait till the morning since all I'll be drinking is Crystal Light tonight more than likely.  Even though the Mike's Hard Lemonade is calling my name.  Wait hold on more Voice results.

Trevin has made it through so all of CeeLo's team has made it through again--voted for him and all of team CeeLo

Really milking this Carson.

Boo hiss--Amanda made it through

Well those are the results and my teeth are enjoying the whitening strips again.  That's who I unfortunately thought would be going home even though I love Bryan.  There can be a little sensitivity if you get them too close to the gum line but that hasn't been a huge issue for me in this whole 20 day process.  And like I said on day 15 I think they have gotten whiter.  Okay I think I'm done rambling for the night.  Off to watch Go On which has been freaking hilarious.