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November 8, 2012

Last Night, Last Class

Okay so I took a deep breath around 1 in the morning when Mr. Romney finally conceded the election but my natural pessimism wouldn't let me enjoy it till it looked like OH was safely in the President's pocket.  I wasn't afraid that Romney would catch up but I wasn't sure the President would stay over the required number of the electoral college votes.  I'm nervous about stuff like that.  I didn't mention this yesterday but I said a long prayer about the nation and the people I work with because their lives really depend on steady leadership and the ability for some social services remaining as intact as they can be and I admit to be deeply afraid that Romney's election would bring about the end of their lives as they know it.  That may sound dramatic but I work in elder care and most of them are receiving some level of governmental assistance to maintain their lives and get access to health care.

While I'm glad I am able to say that in some small way I helped re-elect President Obama, the level of hatred that resurfaced last night just made me sad.  And this morning it pissed me off.  I had to just start pulling people off of my friend's list on Facebook--need to do a good purge for other reasons too--because it makes no sense to me that just because your candidate didn't win you question someone's morals, religion or generally disrespect them as a human.  And I was tired of hiding them from my feed to avoid the foolishness.  My life is about bringing as much positivity to it as I possibly can.  People who can't see past their own front doors seem incapable of being happy so I can't keep them around anymore.

Moving on.  I taught my last night of class tonight.  It went well, we wrapped up about 15 minutes early but got a chance to cover all the material, quiz went well and got a few nice activities in as well as Cosby Show clips--can't beat that.  My next class starts in a month.  Just gotta get the grades in and take a deep breath.  Okay that's it for tonight.


  1. As we gear up for our elections, I knkow some people will not see the good in any candidate that wins except their favourite.

    1. Yeah that's what I hate about elections. Would be much nicer if there was a set period of nomination. A debate or two and then we vote. No year long campaigning because that just lets people get entrenched in their views and start sounding irrational.