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November 19, 2012

It's Monday lonely Monday

Okay so not really.  I saw more of my clients than I thought I would and touched base with all of them at least.  Gonna turn down another out of town work option in the morning.  I applied for several jobs yesterday and will apply for another two or three tomorrow after work.  I can't keep pretending this job is going to be my be all end all even though I know the work I'm doing is good.  I'm ready to move on to something else now and I'd like it to be teaching.  I will get another class in soon so that's good but we'll see what happens.  Tonight was the Voice live show and the numbers to vote are listed below.  I'm very biased as you will see a few NO VOTE folks.  I want them to go away lol.  Vote Team CeeLo cause they rock.  Team Adam isn't too bad either and I like Terry from Team Blake.  Dez is okay but I'm not sure if he knows what his style is yet and that's hard for me to identify with.  Other than that everything is okay.  Hair feels good, need to text my stylist to find out when I can get in.  Gotta order a transcript too so I can get this thing in or explain to them that it will be coming soon.  Have a great holiday for those that are in the states and getting ready for Thanksgiving.  See ya.

Sylvia Yacoub (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 01 / 855 864 2301
Terry McDermott (Team Blake) 855 VOICE 02 / 855 864 2302
Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 03 / 855 864 2303
Cody Belew (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 04 / 855 864 2304
Bryan Keith (Team Adam) 855 VOICE 05 / 855 864 2305
Amanda Brown (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 06 / 855 864 2306
Nicholas David (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 07 / 855 864 2307
Trevin Hunte (Team CeeLo) 855 VOICE 08 / 855 864 2308
Cassadee Pope (Team No VOTE) 855 VOICE 09 / 855 864 2309
Dez Duron (Team Christina) 855 VOICE 10 / 855 864 2310

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