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November 4, 2012

Wash Day and Randomness Squared

Let me start by saying that if all is right in the world that when I go to bed on Tuesday night we will have a president--none of this dragging into the next day or the next day mostly because I really want this whole thing to JUST be over.  No more emails, no more having to block people I'm finding intolerant or hateful on facebook, no more tv specials.  Really really hate election years.   Okay that diversion aside, it's been a pretty productive Sunday.

I finished grading all of my papers from last week--just waiting for the go head to publish the grades.  I have washed most of the clothes that I needed to.  Cleaned up the bathroom a bit and made my knock off flat melt for lunch--quite tasty and if I can just find a way to crumble up the bacon easier it will be perfect.  Heck I may make those again in a bit since mom ordered Chinese since she was tired of waiting on me to cook in the 30 minutes between her first asking and her ordering food.

I took time to prepoo with no heat today.  I used my Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil on my scalp and used the Organix and Moroccan Oil deep conditioners on the length of my dry hair.  That sat for about 35 minutes and was feeling pretty good.  I finally retrieved my As I Am samples from my mother and decided to use their Curl Clarity shampoo instead of my normal Organix and Moroccan Oil mix.  Felt okay, had a nice scent.  But I hate it was a tear open container cause you can't reseal it if you don't plan on using it all.  I used the rest of my normal wash products and lost very little hair which I was glad about.  I also opted to use their deep conditioner, Hydration Elation.  My hair again felt great not a strong smell.  The conditioner itself was super thick and does require a bit of effort to get out of your hair after letting it sit between 15 and 30 minutes.  I opted for 30 so that I could do the 3D White strips at the same time.  I rinsed and let my hair shed some water for about 30 minutes before doing another flexi set.  Yes I was being lazy but I needed to be done with hair for a bit.  I'll cowash on Thursday night since there will be no more class for a few weeks.

Pictures as promised

 Hair after detangle but before wash

 First detangle with rake--week long flexis always mean more hair loss

Second detangle with mid size seamless comb

 Final detangle with small comb

Detangleed hair, mid section not looking as grossly weird

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