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November 11, 2012

Wash Day and Thoughts

This weekend has thrown me off because I did everything I planned on doing besides applying for the teaching jobs.  I have no idea what's scaring me about that but something clearly has me terrified.  I may need to pray on that and get back to work because I love teaching and just need to get over it.  I ended up here longer than I planned because I couldn't get over my fear and no need to stay in place because of that.  The worst thing that could happen is they say no which sucks but if you don't ask then they definitely won't say yes.  Anyhoo, like I said I was super productive today which was annoying cause I really had crap to do after about 6 today.  I have hit phase two of cleaning.  I need to clear things off the bed to put in their proper place but the floors are clean, clothes are all hung up or tucked in drawers, towels are in their cabinet with dryer sheets so as to not start smelling like old wood like normal and as I mentioned yesterday their grades are all in and waiting to be submitted as final grades.  I also made pizza for dinner which was ready before I was done with my hair thanks to mom swapper hers out and mine in while I was in roller set mode.

I started on my hair EARLY too.  I put in my Strong Roots on my scalp and put the two deep conditioners on my hair and under a plastic cap which I secured with my scarf.  I only planned on leaving it on for about 30 minutes but then I started watching the rest of the episodes of Awkward and it was 2.5 hours before I finished them and washed it all out.  I did my normal wash routine and then added the Hydration Elation while I started on the Italian sausage.  I rinsed it out and let the drip dry start while I set up both pizzas and went to roll my hair.  Use the three comb method again and have to say that after the first wave the other two did not really feel super necessary.  Hair loss was minimal for a week with no washing but there were three knots in my hair.  Didn't lose a lot of hair with the knots but I hate knots.  If next week produces more of the same I'll just beg to get in to see my hair dresser cause that will probably mean my hair is pissed and this stretch is over lol.  Still trying to get closer to my birthday but that may not happen.

Update on the teeth whitening.  I can't see a massive difference between day one and day two but I also haven't tried to compare the photos until just now.  I don't drink coffee or tea or really anything besides Crystal Light or the occasional soda if I get to Sonic during happy hour.

  November 1

November 10

Okay maybe it's a bit whiter.  Still need a cleaning and I should work on that sooner as opposed to later.

Oh and after I finished awkward and had nothing better to think about I came back to a thought I used to have.  I think I like complicated relationships even though I want something easy and comfortable.  Meaning I like there to be a war story almost to get to the loving relationship status but what I want after that is to be able to lay on the couch and be silly.  I think the problem is war story relationships need more drama later or they are boring.  And God knows I hate being bored.  I'm not sure who or what my Mr. Right looks like really.  But I don't want to always have to play out the 300 before we get to the love you phase of things.  Ehh random I know.  Oh and I never told you but the cupcakes I made on Tuesday are soooooooo freaking good it's out of control.  I may try to make the gingersnap ones into a layer cake.  So good.  Give them a try.

Have a good week people.

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