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November 10, 2012

Partial Cleaning, Crazy Mom Moments, Normal Saturday

I was briefly inspired by my mother's insistence of hanging up my clothing to get some of the room cleaned up too.  I did and then got a headache and sat on my butt.  Just a little more to go and things will either be hung up, folded up or in the hamper to be washed.  Mom has gone off the rails momentarily.  She's been obsessed with Christmas gifts since September even though no one has the remotest clue what they want at this point.  Somehow that's not acceptable and whenever I point that out I'm a horrible child and she's mad at me again.  So really it's a totally typical moment in mommy land which is why it's not stressing me out so much lol.  No one cooked tonight so we're on forage duty.  I'll make pizza tomorrow night probably.  Or I may go on the lamb and resurface later in Antigua.  I'm watching a marathon of another teeny bopper show.  I'm violating my MTV rule but it's funny.  Tomorrow is wash day.  Yeah.

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