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November 8, 2012

Welcome to Post 100

Granted some of these posts were imported from my KISS blog so probably only the last 85 were written specifically for PPPC (yes I'm being lazy and don't want to type out the whole thing lol) but here we are at post 100.  Not a whole lot to say today.  Well I say that and may start rambling so who knows.

First let me say that I want to applaud and acknowledge both Cupcake Provocateur's Cynthia and Hair Therapy's Thiago for reaching out to me about orders/questions I had regarding their products while they are both recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Both have been super friendly and kept me abreast of what is going on with them and apologized for the delay that is certainly not their fault.  I have never been in a similar position but I don't know if I'd have the professional fortitude to keep in contact with customers while I'm waiting for power and heat to be restored in my home.  I'm not the best at adapting to things like that.  The one week we had the ice and snow storm and power was intermittent for four or five days I was stir crazy and bitchy by the end of the week.  Keep the East coast in your prayers as yet another storm has descended on them and impacting recovery efforts.

I'm letting my 3D White Strips do their work and it's helping me avoid eating right now.  Not sure how food would taste through the strips.  I am enjoying them for the most part and can see a bit of brightening already but I'm going to wait till Saturday to take a midpoint comparison shot.  I might have better results if I was using the 3D White toothpaste as well but ehh too late now. 

Was totally confused by the Voice tonight and who Blake and Christina chose to save but I think this may be Ceelo's year with Trevin and even though I don't like her Amanda from Team Adam has a good shot too.  She reminds me of Jermaine Paul--strong voice but nothing that connected to me emotionally.  Oh well my vote won't say things in this case.  Patiently awaiting the release of Christina's new cd though.  And then the Voice contestants may have a run in December which will be nice too.  Need to finish my blog stalking and get ready for bed.  Have a good one everyone.

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