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November 18, 2012

Wash Day, Spaghetti & Boo Football

So it's six o'clock and I'm pretty much done for the day.  There's something I should do but no idea if I am going to do it or not but I should.  Anyhoo, I got my hair washed and noticed it was drying a bit faster than I would like today while I was detangling.  I sat down to detangle so I wouldn't get as frustrated and be tempted to yank at it.  I think that was a good idea but it does take longer.  There was a nasty tangle in my hair and I had to take more time to get it out than I normally would there too.  Added some more leave in conditioner and took my time.  I took lots of photos post detangle and it made me rewet my hair and take some more photos. I think we're gonna have to do some edging/trimming on the hair in the back.  It's just looking weird to me but that could just be because my ends are screaming for some heat that I don't intend to give it.  There were a few tiny knots this week but nothing like last week and my hair still feels pretty good week to week.  I probably won't get a relaxer until next week.  I forgot all about the holiday coming up and I think my hairdresser normally heads home for a few days.  We'll see but I'm sure it won't be before Saturday in any regard.  Hair loss was much less this week too.  A little more came out as I was doing the final pull through before I rolled it but I think using less curlers created less opportunity to tangle.  If I hadn't skipped the rolling or good tie down the last two nights I don't think there would have been as much as there was.  Photo below.

I was gonna create a nice side by side comparison of today's photo and one from a few weeks ago in my length check shirt but I'm lazy and kinda sleepy again.  I've been dreaming a lot lately and usually feel rested but really want to take a nap lol.  Ok my OCD kicked in and I had to do a comparison shot and I'm glad I did.  My other shots that looked much healthier overall were all when my hair was still pretty wet and apparently happy to be touching each other as opposed to the puff that was happening today.  It's still not the growth I was hoping for in that area but I'm less freaked out overall.  I know it doesn't take much to break off hair but I don't think I've done that much damage in the last two weeks.  Bottom row left pic is from November 4th and the last two are from today.  I'm sure a trim is in order though and I'll take a photo once I'm back from creamy crack day.

I made spaghetti for dinner and being absent minded I burned the garlic bread but ahh well, it was all tasty and I got it done along with my hair before six o'clock so I was feeling quite proud of myself.  Only downside to tonight is after several comeback weeks to gain some ranking in my fantasy football league it looks like tonight I'll be taking an L unless the Ravens have a miraculous defensive stand.  If so I'll take it but not holding my breath, a lot of under performers and someone I benched cause they had been stinking up the joint had a great game.  Ahh well, those are the breaks, only upside appears to be the other top of the heaps appear to be losing as well.  Still hope for the playoffs I guess ROFLMAO.  If not I hope to finish above 500. 

Oh and for the Miss Jessie's lovers, the buy one get one free sale starts today and ends on December 15th online and in participating retail stores so have at it.

What did you do this weekend people?

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