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November 16, 2012

A bit sadder than I wanted to be

Well not long after I posted last night I got some bad news.  One of my sorority sisters who I've known for more than a decade passed away unexpectedly yesterday.  She hadn't been ill, had no issues that we are aware of but she is dead.  It's hard to even put it together.  We weren't super close but she was a big spirited kind person who told a good joke and loved the Lakers.  Just another reminder of how short life is and how nothing is promised to any of us.  Hug the people close to you tightly whenever you can.

I went to work and it was almost a total wash.  I did a few more errand running escapades and called it a night.  Waited for a phone interview that didn't take place and finally got over my lazy streak and found a fillable printable recipe template and printed off all the recipes I've loved in the last few months and some that I need to try out.  Since I hadn't printed them I would have to keep running back to check measurements or drag my laptop into the kitchen with me which didn't seem like the best idea.  So my long ago purchased recipe binder from zazzle.com is finally being used.  I need to find some recipe dividers and possibly some page protectors but I'm not that pressed on that aspect of maintaining my recipes just yet.  I clearly need to expand my side dishes after organizing the ones I do have into the right categories.  And congrats to What's Cookin' Chicago for being three of the recipes that got immortalized tonight lol.

I did hear from University of Phoenix today and I'm totally official.  I also got more feedback from one of my students and it was positive as well.  Life continues to ebb and flow as usual.  No hair updates tonight.  Gonna finish watching tv, drinking my Hard Pink Lemonade and relaxing.  Have a good one ladies and gents.

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