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November 5, 2012

It's Monday man & extras

Hey everyone,

Things are generally okay.  No stomach bug to interrupt my Monday.  Got in and saw all my clients in one home and most of the ones in the other two.  Gotta scan some stuff and send it in tomorrow.  My hair was actually dry this morning when I took it down even though it didn't get up on the curlers till about 7 last night.  And it was actually pretty soft and moisturized.  I may have to invest in the Hydration Elation and start doing my wash process like yesterday.  I'll try it again before making a final decision on changing up the routine.  If nothing else I'll have another deep conditioner I can add to the pile OR use when the other two run out.  I was actually touching it repeatedly over the course of the day which means it was softer than it usually is.  May help extend the stretch to at least 14 weeks again or maybe longer so my relaxer is more of a birthday gift to myself.  My scalp may need a little love but thankfully the Elasta QP moisturizer arrived today.  All six jars since it was a better deal to get the three pack and I don't trust them to put out the new jars locally before I run out again.  I missed the creamy goodness.  The old formula is so dang on thick.  Ahh well.

UPDATE FOR MY VINTAGE SHOPPERS: Shabby Apple is running a special.  They are giving 10 percent off of all their red dresses.  When you get ready to check out just type in RED as the discount and it should be applied.  I think I may have found a dress for any upcoming sorority parties.

And finally a tag from Tathiana over @ Pound Cake.  I'm not sure if you've seen the That Stuff I Don't Like Meme.  It has hit the hair blogging universe as well.  I'm not sure how many I'll come up with but here ya go.

  1. People who don't read threads before responding and repeating the same thing that has already been suggested five or six times.
  2. People who are absolute about hair regimens, how things should be done, and that everyone is doing something wrong.
  3. Youtube videos.  This will sound crazy but if you are doing a simple update I have extreme irritation about watching that for 15 minutes instead of reading for 5 or 10.  I'm less inclined to get bored reading or distracted by my tv.  I know it may just be me but makes me less inclined to pay attention.
  4. The lack of bloggers around my length that are active or posting photos.  I flexiset primarily because it's easy.  I'm just getting to faux bun length but I'd love to see what other folks are doing with similar hair and how they are doing.
  5. The fact that the products I really like are part of a search and destroy mission here cause I live in the boonies.  If Sally's or the one or two local BSS doesn't have it I'm seriously SOL.
  6. The fact that the products that work on my hair tend to be pricey.
  7. The fact that my mother who hasn't listened to me in the last year plus of my hair journey is so suddenly on board BUT gives up if something doesn't work in three weeks.  Can't keep sharing products if she's not gonna keep it up.
  8. And that I sleep some crazy that if I don't perfectly pineapple my hair at night then I'm gonna wake up with lopsided curls lol.


  1. I completely agree with 8! I don't do pineapples much but when I prepare a style the night before more often than not its all a mess in the morning. I sleep like a mad woman.