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November 2, 2012

End of the week, time to sleep?

Probably no on the sleeping.  Still have papers to grade and hair to do and maybe food to cook depending on how well mom and I coordinate things.  And I have to correct myself from yesterday.  The strips need to stay on 30 minutes not twenty and I'm pretty sure that's how long they were on yesterday but today I stopped 5 minutes short.  No idea why other than I was getting a little sleepy.  They stuck better today since I was less wimpy about putting them on.  Even if I didn't have full sessions with all of the clients I have today I was able to sit down and talk to all of them for at least a bit (two were just not feeling well which happens).  I followed up on a position and was happy to find out they were still taking applications so I will do phase two of what should have happened last weekend this weekend.  And I was able to clear out the wedding magazines when I drug the recycling bin (and I mean literally drag, years of bridal magazines are HEAVY) to the curb this morning.  I was slightly terrified they would still be there this afternoon when I got home but all was gone.  A few more to go and then I can shed the sad skin that was perpetually planning bride to be.

And I have come to terms with the universe keeping me in this location for a while longer.  The jobs out of the area have not panned out--partially because they really aren't what I'm interested in doing save one and I'm not quite qualified for it lol.  While the new job can be overbearing with presentation, a few of them seem genuinely on board with me building myself up in this area instead of just killing myself as I used to do with the old job.  And despite my fear about NEVER being able to teach again, more opportunities are coming that way as well.  I will keep seeking new ground and experiences because I don't think this is my perpetual (used that word twice tonight) home but clearly I'm not meant to leave just yet.  Was also feeling a little cranky about the people that I did kind of break my neck to stay here for not remotely reaching out but that was also my choice and I can't blame them for not seeing things the same way.  Life is what it is and I'm playing the position that I have to right now.  Whatever is on the other side of this will be enjoyable and wonderful I hope.

Until then you can tag along with my weirdness lol.  Provided there's no stomach flu revenge I'll try to snap some photos of the hair process this weekend.  All I know is it's feeling extra bushy around the scalp right now.

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