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November 6, 2012

Election Night Avoidance

So today was technically a great day except most of my clients were incapacitated so I couldn't see them.  But I ran into town and went to Sally's and GNC (yeah Gold Card week discounts).  I went to the store for mom.  Then I ran to the store to get supplies for my dinner tonight.  I also had a bright idea to see if my order was in at Lane Bryant since that's the one email account I don't have going to my Blackberry.  It was so I don't have to go there this weekend after chapter meeting on Saturday.  And since I was there I ran around the corner to my favorite burger spot and got food and a lovely chocolate shake.  I had hoped that I could make dinner and cupcakes tonight so as to not watch the live election results.  I'm pulling for President Obama but I can't take the crazy close states and the shenanigans that have already come to light with the cheating poll worker and machines misdirecting votes.  I'm trying very hard to ignore all things that are giving hard numbers and just hoping that he hits 270 before Mr. Romney.

What I did instead was make a hot steaming pan of lasagna.  And I made two cupcake recipes that I had been stalling on which meant I got to use my Cuisinart food processor to grind up the gingersnaps for the gingersnap crumble cupcakes that I found on What's Cooking Chicago.  I also made white chocolate cupcakes from a recipe I book marked an eon ago.  I didn't make the frosting for either of them because I'm going to take some to class tomorrow night for our final meeting and they are much harder to transport when frosted.  Plus after standing up and working the KitchenAid stand mixer--best 250 bucks I've spent ever seriously I love that thing--I was not in the mood to reduce more white chocolate and whip in cream cheese.  I took the lazy way out and just grabbed a container of frosting.  I'm done early and stalling clearly.  Now I'm watching my dvr'd stuff and chatting it up online.  Hope all is well with everyone else.

Photos of the haul:

 White Chocolate Cupcakes

 Gingersnap Crumble Cupcakes


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