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November 12, 2012

Hair Update

I should take a picture but I'm feeling lazy soooooo no snapshots lol.  I will say the folks that I talked to and who know what my hair normally looks like all loved my straight hair.  I will say it's super soft again and moisturized.  I'll try to do my scalp before bed and hit my ends before I wrap it and go to bed.  But here's my conundrum as I noticed my hair has grown out a bit it's back on my neck and was sooooo irritating the crap out of me for a minute.  It's better now but I guess it won't get better till it's down on my shoulders and not on my neck at all.  I'm back to watching the Voice now.  Join me if you don't have anything to do or watch right now.  Trevin Hunte is the TRUTH.  18668568308--you can vote for Bryan Keith too, same first numbers last two are 06.  Forgot about Nicholas Davis, his last two are 10.

Just so I'm not biased if you want to vote for folks here are there numbers


01 for punk rocker looking girl
02 for Dez
03 for the girl that stole Deborah's spot (adrianna for those that don't know my lingo)
04 for Cody B
05 for Amanda--stop voting for her please
06 for Bryan Keith
07 for Cassadee
08 for Trevin--yeah for good number 8 this week
09 for quirky girl/Melanie
10 for Nicholas David
11 for that annoying chick on team Xtina (sylvia again for folks who don't know my code)
12 for Terry

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