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November 15, 2012

Vintage Leanings

Vintage Leanings

I'll come back and expand this more later but suffice it to say I love vintage things.  If I could be a pseduo 1950s housewife I'd so do it.  I'd have to work for at least 6 hours every day because being home drives me crazy lol.  But if I could be home to cook at a reasonable time when I wanted, and he could do it when I didn't, and have really cute hair all the time, i.e. more trips to see my stylist lol, then I'd so sign up for it.  Plus I'd learn to walk in cute heels so that would rock too.

So finally expansion:

I am weird.  I like very simple things in almost all possible avenues.  Solid colors, classic lines, tailored suits, pencil skirts and heels with just enough height to give the calves a tightening but not so much that my very clumsy self will fall in a lot.  I like the simple makeup and perfectly curled hair.  I LOVE snoods (I'll give you an example in a photo so you aren't going what in the world) and simple flower adornments for the hair.  I like cooking from scratch--I totally understand the pour till it looks like mentality for making anything lol thanks to Grandma.  I am highly offended by box cakes but not brownies--no passion for them at all, I love figuring out how to make recipes that other people have made or that I like from other places at home because it makes me feel good to make it cheaper at the house.  I like old fashioned relationships with a modern day twist of course but I'd appreciate a strong partner who allowed me to be weak and girly from time to time.  Handling life on my own is tiring sometimes.  I like a man that looks good in a nice suit and who understands WHY he should have more than a few of those.  I like talking, reading, I like gardening even though I've never had any patience for it since my dad passed away.  I love being a homebody and I'd adore having dinner parties with friends and couples but we all seem so busy and disconnected that we never sit down to do that.  

I'm a weird mix of traditional girl with non traditional occupation and living situation.  I'm taking care of my mother after she got ill several years ago.  She's mostly okay just has memory issues and can't drive--at least not my car.  I have no kids and never imagined having my own even though I did imagine being a kick ass stepmother to someone's rugrats.  I love cartoons more than most real tv shows and I love a good tragic love story but City of Angels still pisses me off.  I'm totally romanticizing parts of what I consider vintage but I miss the days when people took care of how they looked and what they did in public and women wore gloves just because.  I totally don't have a hat head so I wouldn't wish that on anyway but it looked classy.  Maybe because I've never been what I'd call dainty I miss things that I think would make me feel soft or warm and fuzzy.  I'll be sharing more stuff in this vein soon I hope.  I've not really talked much about the Pecan Pie side of things with the exception of food.  And as you can tell I LOVE food.  Okay enough for now.  Here are some photos:

 Snood with a bow

Man in a nice suit hee hee

updated November 15, 2012

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