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November 14, 2012

Just a Gigolo...well not really

First let me say that Lauren at Filing Jointly...finally cracked me up today and is responsible for the video I'm going to share later in this post.  If you haven't checked out her blog please do because she's freaking hilarious.  I adore anyone honest enough with themselves to share their ups and downs and goofiness without fear.

So this post was going to be a mope fest and I've decided against it.  Last Tuesday my sister in law sent me new photos of my adorable nieces which made me have the same standard reaction.  Oh my god they are freaking gorgeous and getting so big and I miss them so much and I am never going to have any of my own.  Isn't that a depressing train of thought?  Yeah I thought so.  I miss them and they are so gorgeous I pray their potential boyfriends are very good to them or their father (or I) will have to kill them.  Granted they are 2 and 5 so we have a while before the serious ones show up but gotta be ready to hide a body in the future.  I'm approaching my 37th birthday so it is becoming more likely that I won't have any of my own.  I haven't given up on it entirely but time is a ticking and I'm single.  After seven years in two different long term relationships and no babies natural conception may be out of line.  If I can find a job I love again so I'm not moody when I get home and not worried constantly about finances I think I may adopt.  Those kids need homes and I kinda like the idea of not being pregnant.  Pregnancy scares the crap out of me.  I mean IBS and pregnancy seems like a horrible combination and I can't shake the IBS lol.  For those of you that are not afflicted or familiar with a gastroenterologist IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) is the catch all for you have no other identifiable disease but still have gastro issues.  Very few treatments and those that exist can cause OTHER issues.  I'm totally off tangent.

Speaking of single, I kinda hate it.  I like it more than not being happy in a relationship.  I realized that I'm really a serial monogamist with the exception of a few years during undergrad.  That was FUN lol and I could write a few smutty books inspired by that time of my life but don't want to spend the rest of my life dating like men cause they suck at dating till they find the right person.  So I'm hopeful that someone I like to snuggle with and reminds me of my dad and my amazing brother comes along so that we can dance with the Wii, watch basketball and then make cookies.  Yes a little simplistic and probably way not like what is happening in my brain right now but I have really cute hair and I'm wearing one of my Cupcake Provocateur aprons so at least I look good in my fictionalized romantic daydream.  And I'm looking up at him as he does a half assed job filling the cupcake liners.  I have to look up cause he's at least four or five inches taller than me cause yeah I'm short and he can't be my height at all.

On the hair front, my hair has grown more than I think and my new growth is a bit out of control but it held the curl from the rollers last night.  I'll take a photo after next wash day.  I was going to on Sunday, even had my length check shirt on but it was cold and I got lazy and yeah no photo.  K I think that's enough rambling today.  Enjoy the cute 2 year old shaking his groove thang.


  1. Let me burst your bubbles: what happens if the man you meet has nothing in common with your dad or brother? Would that disqualify him?lol. I can say my husband is 80% different from my dad and brother and I prefer it that way. I get to experience new things all the time.

    1. Met them and tried that, didn't work out too well. Thanks to college I dated a lot of different kinds of folks but the ones that worked out the longest/best were folks that reminded me of dad. Kinda nerdy, home bodies, good conversation, like cartoons, and like to eat. The others don't mesh with my own weird combination of traits lol.