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November 13, 2012

Hair Therapy Wrap Update & Other Stuff

Okay this post may be rambling but first things first.  A few days ago I mentioned that despite recovering from Hurricane Sandy that Thiago from Hair Therapy Wrap reached out to me about replacing the gel packs for my wrap. I expected to pay for them but they shipped them free of charge and with a discount on a future order.  The new ones are a bit nicer and look like they'll hold up to my weekly use a bit better.  I think my microwave is a bit stronger than 800 Watts though and that could have contributed to the other gel packs early demise.  Well I guess it wasn't too early since I've had them over a year at this stage.  Needless to say I swapped out the old packs for the new ones and can't wait for wash day to try them out.  But really again I need to commend the customer service from this company because it really is top notch. 

Side packs

Main pack (folded in half)

Today was new release day as well.  And after a so so day of work I was looking forward to grabbing Christina's new cd and pick up Brave for my nieces (and myself cause I'm a great big old kid).  I was planning on trucking into the heart of the city because the closest store to me, I thought, that would have an unedited version of the cd would be 20 minutes or so away.  But for some reasons I opted to check Hastings and was prepared for it to be so high that I'd truck into town happily just not to have to spend 18 bucks on it.  Surprised me for real when it was two bucks cheaper than everyone in town and the movie was the same price.  I grabbed my goodies, went to Wal-mart for envelopes, mailed things at the post office, got two bucks for helping a woman to her car with a large amount of mail, and printed pictures of my nieces and sent one to a former coworker who loved the girls cause she had none of her own.  Even though she does have two adorable son whom she adores.  There's some other random stuff in my head but no need to make this post depressing HA!.  I'm about to get ready for the Voice and my nightly fussing at the tv because America didn't vote the way I wanted it to.  Have a good one.

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