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November 15, 2012

No Snappy Title

The amazing brain has nothing for you in the way of great titles tonight.  I'm sleepy again and it's too early for bed unless I plan on being up at 5 and pissed by 9 when I go out to see clients and I'm exhausted.  So I was planning on washing my hair last night and again tonight but ehh didn't happen.  And I'm kind of glad that it didn't go as planned because after an odd roller set to combat the EXTRA straightness of the roller set from Sunday I liked what happened this morning.  I used a few more flexi rods but like ten total instead of my normal head fool of curls.  And I was able to finger comb it into a style that was acceptable and made me happy.  Not so curly that it was making me nervous but enough bounce and body to be pleasing.  I used As I Am's Moisture Milk on my hair a few days ago (and sealed with Organix Macadamia Dry Styling Oil) and I must say that my hair felt great today still which is another reason I think I'll skip the wash for a few more days.  Anyhoo, I actually took photos for a change and while I was prepping to take them I noticed that days 11-14 were starting to noticeably make my teeth whiter so we'll see what days 15-20 do.  Sorry for the closed eyes.  I smile big and my eyes do their own thing lol.

PS the Regimen, Food Lust and Vintage Leanings tabs have all been updated too.


  1. The shine it great and the curls got me into a wash and curl mood.

    1. Yes I've been impressed by the way the products are working together this week. Get some curls, keeps your hair off your shoulders if nothing else lol.